Sanctus Numerus


A project about cyberangels, holy numbers and the search for aequilibrium. 

photos by Paliament / starring Luna Odd, Paliament, Sms / prayer writing assistance: @madone_vxn_

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Art Direction  + Graphic Design


I saw you in a song
an exhibition by Marina Mónaco


Marina Mónaco’s first exhibition ‘I saw you in a song’ unfolds as an anti-memoir. Echoing autonomous forms: a book, a sound piece, an installation and a way of seeing -and being in- the world give form to a non-linear narrative. Trafficking raw pulses between two realms; the sharp, woke, lucid, and the deepest dream, the circle ends where it began.

Marina Mónaco is a photographer from Buenos Aires (b. 1996) based in Berlin. Her practice is guided by raw pulses of intuition, lust, and sound.

curated by Julieta Colantonio and Sofía Mastrogiacomo / Texts by Julieta Colantonio / Graphic Design by Sofia Mastrogiacomo / Sound Design by Morphena / Produced by Sofia Marchetti

Curation + Graphic Design +
Editorial Direction


Fractura is a Record Label and event series showcasing the alternative music scene of Buenos Aires.

 Creative Direction + Visual Identity



Dripping Stillness; the publication
A coordinate of the below.

an echoing format of the Exhibition Dripping Stillness by Lena Becerra.

Lena Becerra (b. 1994) is an artist from Buenos Aires based in Berlin, working across multiple mediums. Her surgically arranged ecosystems summon contemplation of alternative forms of social fabric in gestational stage, where the sinister and sublime converge as part of a cyclical call for rebirth. 

Written by Julieta Colantonio, Editorial Direction by Julieta Colantonio and Sofia Mastrogiacomo. Artworks by Lena Becerra. Printed in Risography in We Make It, Berlin. Bible paper/ 2 Colors/ 50 Copies

Editorial Direction + Graphic Design 


Graphic Design for Contentis Album PERFUME. Development of a Typeface for the Album / Cover Artwork by Asdrúval Gómez

Type + Graphic Design


222  Nils Keppel


Poster, Cover Artwork and Title Design for Nils Keppel single ¨222¨
Video directed by Marina Mónaco

starring: nils keppel, sol runa / second camera: blume der nach / music by: nils keppel & borninmay

Graphic Design


Pray for Pablo

𝕾𝖐𝖎𝖓𝖎 𝕻𝖆𝖇𝖑𝖔 𝖝 𝕾𝖒𝖘
Comissioned Project. starring Skini Pablo, photography by Luna Odd, typography, edition and graphic design by Sms.

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